APMM: The UK’s Leading Endowment Policy Trading Association

The Association of Policy Market Makers (APMM) brings together the leading endowment policy trading organisations in the UK, which deal with the buying and selling of second hand with-profit endowment policies.

Receive a Valuation for
your Endowment Policy generally in
72 Hours

We give you direct access to our members to provide you with a competitive price for your endowment policy, through one simple Application Form.

If you have an endowment policy that you would like to surrender, try selling it instead. There's no commitment and our members will contact you within 72 hours if we can offer more than the surrender value.

Please submit your policy details as soon as possible as the APMM will be ceasing to accept new endowment enquiries from 15 June 2022.

Data Privacy. In order to value your policy, we will require information including your name and contact details; this will be recorded on our system and will be passed to our member companies to enable them to contact you when your policy has been evaluated. We will require your agreement to this when you complete the Application Form. A copy of our privacy statement can be found here


Why Use the APMM?

  • Complete one application form to access all of our members
  • Fast response – most valuations issued within 72 hours
  • Our members adhere to the highest professional standards and are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • The APMM is the industry leading association for second hand endowments